Advertising on our website

Businesses, tradesmen, accommodation providers and tourism operators based in the Mercury

Bay area are welcome to advertise on this website. Your listing will include your business name,

locality, website url and phone contact plus a 50 word maximum description of your business


The annual cost for a listing is:-

$50.00 for a Hot Water Beach ratepayer committee member.

$75.00 for a financial Hot Water Beach ratepayer member.

$100.00 for a non ratepayer member.

Hot Water Beach domiciled businesses/tradespeople details will be listed above other locality


Applications to advertise will be processed during the month applications and fees are received

and advertisement will be placed on the website by 1st of following month. An invoice will be

raised for following year’s listings and sent out prior to advertisement expiry date.

To obtain listing form for initial advertisement please contact ratepayers association chairperson

Trevor Knight on ph 07 8663991 or email

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